Sämtliche schriften und briefe series III, volume 6
Deutsche Akademie der Wissenschaften (ed)
p 624

Date: 15/25 January 1696

Translated from the French

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[A III 6, p624]

     I am delighted that my principle of continuity, according to which nature does not act per saltum,1 has not displeased you, Sir. I see that Reverend Father Malebranche has not had the opportunity to consider it sufficiently, because there are still rules in his last published discourse on motion which do not agree with it. 2 But I have not wanted to touch on that, in order not to displease him, since he is occupied with so many other fine meditations, which do not permit him to give enough time to these matters...


1. 'by a leap'.
2. Leibniz is referring to Nicolas Malebranche's Des loix de la communication des mouvemens (Paris, 1692).

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