Sämtliche schriften und briefe series VI volume 4
Deutsche Akademie der Wissenschaften (ed)
p 2284

Date: 1680 - 1684 (?)

Translated from the Latin

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[A VI 4, p2284]

Many idolatries have been revived among Christians: sacrifices, frankincense and incense, lights, images, lustrations, festivals, songs, sacred pilgrimages, fasting, celibacy, vestments, divinations, magic, omens, prognostication, incantations, cult of the dead, canonizations or deifications of new mediators between God and men, good and evil spirits, guardian angels and other powers of either sex to whom temples are dedicated, feast days honoured, particular cults devoted in which, with each one assigned its own province, there is healing of sicknesses and the dispensation of things that aid or injure men. Thus anti-Christianity has prevailed in place of Christ, whose institutes, clear to the understanding and very easy to keep, have degenerated into absurd dogmas, unintelligible words, inexplicable mysteries, and ridiculous practices.

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