Otium Hanoveranum
Joachim Friedrich Feller (ed)
p 179

Date: not later than spring 1698

Translated from the Latin

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[OH p179]

     The time of purification lasts as long as is needed for a soul to turn over in its contemplations the wickedness of its former sin, and therefore this pain consists in a vision of sin, evil and the devil, just as heavenly joy consists in the vision of God and the good. But those who die in enmity towards God, their evil is infinite since a will to harm is an infinite evil. For he who wills to harm has not just willed [to harm] that which he has harmed, but also all those things which, since he cannot harm them, he has neglected, and these are infinite. However the act of harming without the will to do so does not have a definite nature.

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